10x Combiner 0.5 - 6 GHz

Patch panel containing an array of up to 10 units of Werbel Microwave LLC splitter/combiner model WMPD020.5-6-X-B4 in a 19-inch rack panel.

WMDAS-002-X-U2 is configured to have the split ports come out the front.  If you want the common ports to come out the front, please use WMDAS-001-X-U2.

  • Each splitter covers the full 0.5-6GHz band and is ready for 5G.
  • 2U, 19-inch rack mountable.
  • Low insertion loss: 0.8 dB max.
  • Good isolation: 20dB typical.
  • Type N or SMA female connectors available.  Others possible.
  • Custom finish, paint, label, marking options are available.

Splitters are removable and the blank space may be filled with panel p/n 1813358.

Made in USA.

Product Specifications

General Parameters:
Frequency Range: 0.5 to 6 GHz
Impedance: 50 Ohms
Insertion Loss: 0.8 dB
Ampltiude Unbalance: 0.3 dB
Phase Unbalance: 3 deg
Isolation 500-600MHz: 16 dB
Isolation 600-6,000MHz: 18 dB
Common Port VSWR: 1.45:1
Split Ports VSWR: 1.25:1
Input Power as Splitter: 30 W
Input Power as Combiner: 0.5 to 15 W/port
Mechanical Specification:
Operating Temperature: -55 to +85 °C
Storage Temperature: -55 to +100 °C
Relative Humidity: 85 %
Weight: 8.4 oz
Operating Environment: Indoor use only.
Enclosure Material: Aluminum Alloy 6061 and 5052
Enclosure Finish: RoHS Complaint Clear Chemical Film per MIL-DTL-5541 Class 3
Connectors Material: Body: Stainless Steel, Passivate. Insulator: PTFE. Contact: BeCu, Gold-Plated.
Solder Alloy: Sn 96.5, Ag 3.0, Cu 0.5